Electro Servo Unit


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Electro Servo Unit

Capacity controlled by input signal

– Electro Servo Unit is capable of combining with all kinds of pumps.


Features & Cautions

  • Auto-control by the input signal. (Diversity)
    Dong-il Servo unit is able to control discharge volum of metering pump automatically by the input signal of flow, pH, turbidity etc. (DC 4~20mA/~1-+5V)
  • The whole type Servo unit
    Dong-il Servo unit is sealed off by the whole type protective cap with automatic controlling circuit and servo motor on the pump. Accordingly, it’s showing maximized function at indoor and outdoor.
  • Various controlling mode (Fixed Quantity)
    Dong-il Servo unit is possible to control widely with invertor. Therefore it’s not only transfer of fixed quantity but also most suitable at violent site of variation of operating condition.
  • Protective function for servo motor(Durability)
    Dong-il Servo unit has been equipped clutch lever separately. So it gives protection of damages from the servo motor when have continuous operation of Auto/Manual.
  • Handiness of system (Simplicity)
    Dong-il Servo unit is possible to do simpley instrumentation work because feedback and the other wiring are not necessary.
  • Above specifications are that should be changeable due to improvement etc without any notice.




• For all models

Input Signal 4~20mA, 1~5V DC (Impedance : 250 Ω)
Voltage 1Ø 110V, 220V AC 50/60Hz
Protection Equivalent to IP54
Installation Indoor or Outdoor (Except hazardous area)

Servo Unit Control System


Servo motor output and stroke length as per pump series

UNIT 형식 Adaptable PUMP series STROKE LENGTH (mm) Motor (w)
DA 1 DWS, DWM, DWA20, DWA21 4 6
DWA31 6
DA 2 DWB40, DWB41 8
DA 3 DWB51, DWC51L 10
DA 4 DWB60, DWB61, DWC61L 12
DA 5 DWC71L 14 15
DA 6 DWC81L 16
DA 7 DKA 6 6

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